How To Reduce High Blood Sugar

Managing blood sugar can become an overwhelming part of life for the millions of people who live with hyperglycemia or high blood glucose. Trying to keep blood sugar at normal levels is something that often is a daily battle. Suppose your blood sugar levels become too high. In that case, it can be a dangerous situation requiring insulin or trips to the hospital, making learning what can help maintain healthy blood sugar that much more critical.

Diabetic Ketoacidosis

Dangerously high blood sugar levels can result in a state of‘ diabetic ketoacidosis’ (DKA). This medical emergency results from deficient levels of insulin production, which leaves the body in crisis.

DKA symptoms include a parched mouth, shortness of breath, nausea, vomiting, and breath that smells fruity. If you experience any of these symptoms, you can call your physician for instructions on what you should do or if you should proceed to the emergency room for assistance. However, understanding what actions you can take to reduce your blood sugar levels can help you manage your health and avoid trips to the hospital.

Tips To Reduce High Blood Sugar Levels

When action is taken early, you can reduce your blood sugar levels, avoiding complications such as DKA. Some medical professionals advise that drinking water and eating a high protein snack can quickly lower blood sugar levels. Hydration is vital for our bodies to process sugars appropriately as well as encouraging healthy systems in general.

Insulin Prescriptions

If you have been prescribed insulin to keep your blood sugar under control, it is essential to take it as prescribed. Even missing one or two doses can send your body into crisis mode, making it more challenging to manage blood sugar levels. This is because the insulin is replacing the low insulin levels in your body, causing your blood sugar to skyrocket.

Regular Exercise

Regular exercise helps to better our overall health and wellness. If your blood sugar is difficult to manage, consider adopting a routine exercise plan. Walking, swimming, yoga, biking, and cardio exercise can help keep your insulin levels in check.

Diet And Dietary Supplements

Perhaps the best method of lowering blood sugar is through eating a healthy diet. Food choices directly affect our blood sugar levels; therefore, adopting a balanced and clean diet fortified with vitamins is essential in management. Dietary supplements can be added to your daily routine that boosts your body’s ability to process sugars.

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