Handling Blood Sugar Levels – Three Fundamentals

How do you stay on top of your blood sugar levels as you age?

Some people don't think about this very much or at all, while other people have thought about it quite a lot. If you've been diagnosed with pre-diabetes or actual full-blown adult onset diabetes, you know some of these facts already. But if not, this type of issue may be lurking in future lab results…so you might think about it more some time in the future. 

Here are some tips on how to anticipate challenges related to blood sugar levels as you get older.


There's a reason why physicians include blood sugar levels in metabolic panel testing that typically starts for individuals as they approach middle age.

It's relatively easy for doctors to take a blood sample and get it analyzed by the lab, to show where your blood levels are at, and whether they're in a normal or acceptable range. If not, that will flag some thinking about how to keep your blood sugar levels within a healthy set of parameters.

Tests serve as a kind of baseline, so that you know what you're starting with, and what you can do to maintain good blood sugar levels.


Working from the results of your blood sugar tests, you can work with your diet to see how to bring blood sugar levels into a better range. You can keep a food journal and understand how various foods impact your blood sugar levels and your insulin. Your doctor can explain more about how your system handles the nutrition that you get from your diet, and how it converts different chemical elements within the body.


It's also possible to get high-quality supplements that will help to work with your blood sugar levels to achieve better outcomes. Scientifically formulated supplements can promote normal blood sugar levels with a range of vitamins and nutrients that help with those body activities so critical to blood sugar levels – the production, absorption and uptake of glucose.

That's what's at the heart of some of this supplement science – the issue of physical absorption and bioavailability of nutrients!

Our herbal supplement is clinically shown to help with absorption, and FDA approved with non-GMO ingredients. These nutrients can also help with immune system function. There's also some specific formulation in terms of alpha lipoic acid that you can read more about on the site. Take a look and think about how this type of strategy can help you to better understand blood sugar levels and work toward stabler outcomes.